The Lappetites

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The Lappetites are a laptop group of women from different background, nationalities and generations playing with digital and sonic linking.

Current active members of The Lappetites are: Kaffe Matthews (UK) , Antye Greie aka AGF (Germany/ Finland) , Ryoko Akama (Japan) .

Previous and guest Members

Eliane Radigue (France)
Blanca Regina Perez-Bustamante (Spain)
Ikue Mori (USA)
Marina Rosenfeld (USA)
Keiko Uenishi aka o.blaat (USA)
Zeena Parkins (USA)

Documentations in chronological order (latest first)

2012 23 March - Vancouver
2011 16 June - London, Cafe Oto
2011 14 June: Christ Church Spitalfields, London perform versions of Elemental III by Eliane Radigue
2009 November the opera Fathers at HKW, Berlin
2009 September first version of Fathers in Krems
2006 Discussing the Opera, rehearsing for the ICA show at Kaffe Matthews studio in London in April
2004 Playing Elemental by Eliane Radigue ive at Le Vout in Paris in January
2004 Residency at CCMIX in Paris in January
2004 SPITZ London concert in January
2002 Movie recorded at Steim Residency/ Amsterdam in April
2002 Residency at Steim/ Amsterdam in April

Lappeties in 2011 in London during rehearsals for the Eliane Radigues Retrospective.

2011 in London rehearsals for the Eliane Radigues Retrospective in Kaffe Matthews studio.

Below: London, Cafe Oto (16 June 2011 - London): Akama and Matthews presented Tokohu - wall, silence with contributions from AGF and Eliane Radigue. Questions on catastrophe, the planet, information and survival through the daily experiences of the players since the 3.11 tsunami were raised.

The premiere of The Lappetites opera FATHERS took place in Nov 2009 at HKW, Berlin. The project combines digital music composition, cultural observation, moving image, live visualization, video, documentary, fantasy, autobiographical interpretations, communication, projection, performance as well as crossing over into classical opera.

Extract of Fathers by The Lappetites.

The Lappetits 2009 preparing opera Fathers

The Lappetits 2006 in Kaffe Matthews Sonic Bed in her Studio

The Lappetites are a laptop group of woman from different background and different generations playing with digital and sonic linking.

Regularly active as solo artistes all over the world they have come together to research ways of live sharing and poaching sound and data from each other as a means of composition.

photo by Anja Spindler 2004 at CCMIX Paris 2004

Before The Libretto CD 2005
Trailer 2009 - The Making of an Opera 2006 -2009

Performances and Residencies
2012 March Canada, Vancouver, Lappetites perform a new work
2011 Jun UK, The Lappetites perform Elemental III by Eliane Radigue
2009 Nov Germany, HKW, The Lappetites premier the Opera Fathers (4 screens, 3 singers, one choir)
2009 Sept Austria, Krems, The Lappetites play a first version on the Opera Fathers (one screen, one male singer)
2008-Dec-2 Germany, Berlin, Josef, The Lappetites play a preview on the Opera Fathers and Elemental 2
2006-May-7 England, London, ICA, The Lappetites play ELEMENTAL II by Eliane Radigue
2004-Feb-5-11 Germany, Berlin, Lappetites Album Production 2004_Jan-24 France, Paris, Capitales Sonores, The Lappetites play ELEMENTAL II by Eliane Radigue
2004-Jan-22, 23 France, Paris, CCMIX Studio Residency
2004-Jan-21 UK, London, Spitz w/ Lappetites
2002 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Residency at Steim

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Press Reviews

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The Lappetites was spawned from an evening Kaffe Matthews curated at Tonic, New York, April 2001 where o-blaat, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Marina Rosenfeld and herself played a 45 minute set. Matthews: "All electronics players, not only did we have this ridiculously new situation of improvising with a bunch of just girls, but the potential that evening inspired made it obvious that this format could be the start of this live electronics band idea. And so The Lappetites came into being." With other commitments, distance, travel costs and schedules, it was soon realised, that The Lappetites would be a forum within which to explore these ways of playing, and that members would come and go over time.